Photo Gallery

Customised productions
The Perfect Memorial transforms your favourite photos, mottos, poems and more into a lasting tribute.
Good at Photoshop? Send us your designs and ideas. There are no limitations.

"Tradition meets technology"
Via the latest laser engraving / etching technology, we create modern yet classic products without the traditional drawbacks.

  • Kids / children
  • Teens / Teenagers
  • Active lifestyles

Competitive pricing
"All-in-one" pricing method. No cost increasing "pay-per-letter" approach. Our competitive prices include:

  • Headstone / Memorial
  • Design work
  • Fixing / erection of memorial (limited to select UK orders)

Laser precision ensures high quality results
Older methods such as sandblasting simply cannot match our levels of elaborate text and imagery.

Our revolutionary process is free of all hazardous materials.

No design limitations
Virtually any combination of photo, graphic, and text is possible.
*Customers can choose to NOT include photographs or images in their order. Traditional designs also available.

Shapes and styles include:
Hearts - Teddy Bears - Dolphins - Unicorns - Motorcycles - Angels - Cars - Cartoons

Multi-faith and multi-lingual
Our products are available in any desired language, religious or cultural setting.

The Perfect Memorial Ltd
UK: 0208 144 5021 | USA: (305) 600 2868