Choosing a Memorial – A Modern Lasered Alternative

Memorials are used to celebrate the life of a person and often to inform or educate others to the character of the deceased. They have evolved over the centuries in step with their relative cultures, religions, faiths and values. Due to obvious limitations most memorials were bound to the usual uninspiring format of; name, date of birth, and date of passing of the individual. However, for those of us who wish to celebrate a loved one in a more upbeat manner - what alternatives do we have?

Thankfully, due to the modern age in which we live there is now a rather exciting alternative for us to embrace. This new development is known as laser engraving - also commonly referred to as photo laser etching.


In a nutshell, it allows us to showcase the most memorable times of a loved one for the entire world to see. Furthermore, rather than the traditional passport photo-sized "stick-on" image that we have been limited to for decades, this new technology allows for an infinite amount of options.
Imagine full coverage of your loved one's headstone, plaque, tombstone or urn in any vibrant selection of photos, mottoes, or logos you so desire. Graduation photos, birthdays, pastimes, childhood memories, collages, hobbies - all can be displayed in high quality digital resolution... in stone!

These alternatives are gaining in popularity and they do stand out and really capture the attention of the viewer as the essence of the dearly departed is communicated in ways like never before. Of course you are not obliged to adorn the stone with lots of imagery, as a traditional format is just as impressive as the more imaginative designs.

Clearly there has to be a downside, right? Surely this option is priced at double or thrice the cost of a conventional one? Actually, the answer is "No". They typically cost no more than a conventional memorial and even boast a greener reputation as the technology replaces quite harsh and industrial methods.

So, for those of us who may be looking for an alternative way to forever celebrate the life of a loved one - a laser engraved memorial may be well worth looking into. They capture the spirit of our departed in ways like never before, places the customer (family and friends) in full control of the design process - and do it all at no extra costs.

Jon D. E. is affiliated with The Perfect Memorial™.

The Perfect Memorial™ is monumental / memorial masonry company that specializes in laser engraving and etching services. With bases in the USA, Latin America and the UK it ships its products worldwide. The team is able to accommodate all requests in regards to cultural, religious, lingual and design concerns.

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