How to Order a Photo Laser Etched Headstone online?

Laser etched headstones (memorials) are increasing in popularity today. This is mainly due to the intricate details and versatility in design they offer.
The Perfect Memorial has compiled a shortlist of guidelines to help you with the process of placing your order with us.
1. Visit our online shop at .
2. Select the design of headstone and what you want to say about the person you loved or wish to remember.
3. Decide on your favorite photos, inscriptions and design layout you wish to include in your order.
4. Tell us where the headstone or memorial is to be installed and the Grave Reference Number (plot number).
5. The Perfect Memorial will confirm any required permits with the relevant authority.
6. After ordering we produce a design proof of how the stone will look with your chosen images and inscription, the letter-style and the space there will be left for any requested future inscriptions.
7. This "proof" will then be mailed, faxed or emailed to you for approval. You will be allowed to make changes to the proof without any extra charge.
8. We provide advice on the choices you make and do not commence your order until permission is granted and the final proof has been approved.
Design proof dispatched for customer approval
The memorial is produced in our workshop
Completed laser etched memorial installed at location

* A deposit of 50% on the total cost is required upon placing the order for a new memorial. A final invoice will be forwarded for payment prior to the memorial being fixed.

Our all-inclusive-price covers the memorial, inscription, delivery, and fixing (limited to selected cemeteries).
* Cemetery fees are payable as an additional cost. Namm fixings, where required, are payable as an additional cost.
We use industry approved anchor fixings to secure all of our memorials.
• Any photo, hobby or past-time can be portrayed
• "Text only" memorials are also available.
The Perfect Memorial offers a wide range of products

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Heart Angel Granite Memorial Headstone

Sample Photo Gallery: The Perfect Memorial

The Perfect Memorial will transform your favourite photos, mottos, poems and more into a lasting tribute.

Displayed below is a gallery of our recently completed orders:
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HRH Duchess of Cornwall - Plaque Unveiling

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A wide range of laser etched products - The Perfect Memorial Ltd
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"Tradition meets technology"
Via the latest laser engraving / etching technology, we create modern yet classic products without the traditional drawbacks.
  • Kids / children
  • Teens / Teenagers
  • Active lifestyles
Competitive pricing
"All-in-one" pricing method. No cost increasing "pay-per-letter" approach. Our competitive prices include:
  • Headstone / Memorial
  • Design work
  • Fixing / erection of memorial (limited to select UK orders)
Laser precision ensures high quality results
Older methods such as sandblasting simply cannot match our levels of elaborate text and imagery.
Our revolutionary process is free of all hazardous materials.
No design limitations
Virtually any combination of photo, graphic, and text is possible.
*Customers can choose to NOT include photographs or images in their order. Traditional designs also available.
Shapes and styles include:
Hearts - Teddy Bears - Dolphins - Unicorns - Motorcycles - Angels - Cars - Cartoons
Multi-faith and multi-lingual
Our products are available in any desired language, religious or cultural setting.

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