Jade Goody and other famous celebrities’ Memorials Monuments

“Where did they find or buy Jade Goody‘s memorial monument?”
“Did The Perfect Memorial create her monument?”
“Where can I buy or find a memorial like Jade Goody’s?”
We are constantly asked this question by our UK customers.
The answer is “no”. We did not create her memorial, however, we do specialize in the technology that was used to create it.
It is called photo laser etching or engraving – and basically, it has the ability to produce the most amazing and beautiful monuments!
Imagine, now you can include all of your favourite photos, photoshop designs, poems, scriptures, inscriptions and dedications to create the perfect tribute to a loved one.
People are so much more than a name, date of birth and date of passing.
Celebrate the life of a loved one and capture their true essence with one of our products.

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